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DS2 completes another successful TAK development project

We developed integrated ATAK and WinTAK plugins for Intellisenses’s cutting edge weather sensing hardware.  After early success building an ATAK plug-in, DS2 was awarded the optional task of developing a WinTAK (Windows-based) version of the SREAF plug-in. This marked our first full implementation of a WinTAK project, and the team nailed it on the first attempt. The SREAF plug-ins make it possible for the weather data to be converted into plain text that is easily interpreted by operators, improving mission decision-making and situational awareness.


The SREAF Project is intended for use by special operations forces. It accelerates decision making on whether a mission can be conducted and reduces the demand on the operator to have a deep knowledge of weather. This technology improves timeliness and accuracy in critical operational decision making, improving situational awareness and giving our forces an edge in battlefield operations

To provide operators with a quick and easy weather assessment capability, we developed two separate TAK solutions for the operators: an ATAK plugin and a WinTAK plugin. The ATAK Plugin ingests weather data in the form of forecast files and live data from Kestrel and Mobile Weather Station devices. It allows users to then compare weather data between various sources and against mission safety limits, providing comparison line charts and a mission status table. The mission status table indicates if a mission’s weather parameters were met over a specified period. At mission completion, the ATAK Plugin allows the user to generate post-mission files for upload to TAK Server. The WinTAK plugin allows users to pull down those mission packages and produce an Excel document that shows the weather data the ATAK plugin collected, a reproduction of the mission status table, and an event log from the mission duration. Post mission data allows for in-depth after-action reviews and mission assessments. Future events and training are also aided by highlighting previous events and lessons learned. By better understanding the past, we can be better prepared for the future.  

At the end of the project the deliverables were presented to the government clients and an onsite demonstration of the plugins we developed. The project demo was a success with customer feedback that claimed this was the first ATAK demo that they had received with no issues or corrections needed! SREAF has now released the project to different groups for testing. Intellisense and DS2 continue to look at opportunities to partner and further develop solutions that market their products.  

DS2 is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) providing full spectrum software engineering and application development, focused on emerging technologies for DoD, federal and commercial clients. Utilizing agile development practices, DS2 specializes in creating software engineering solutions in Mission Planning; 3D Modeling and Simulation; Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK, WinTak); Embedded Software, Mapping, and Situational Awareness domains. 

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