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Gearing Up for STEM with HSU Educational Foundation Game Changers Event

DS2 geared up for STEM education this past Saturday by hosting a Game Changers event with the HSU Educational Foundation. The Game Changers is a program that provides interactive, shared science and technology events for local families to inspire and encourage critical thinking and problem solving within the STEM community. Business and educational opportunities such as these sparks conversations among family members and provides an avenue for participants to apply educational principles to real world applications. DS2 was proud to take part in an event this year for the chance to excite kids about the wonderful world of programming! With the help of DS2 team members, Game-changers experienced hands-on activities learning about robotics, the Unity game engine, VR, and Android development.

To get the full experience, students rotated between each of our activities in small groups. At the robotics activity, attendees worked hands-on with Lend-An-Arm’s collaborative robotic arm to create the sequences needed to stack and knock over 3D printed blocks on a tabletop, all while learning about the different STEM careers that are involved in this process. In our second activity, students were introduced to gaming and VR development in Unity through our Volumetric Mixer VR simulator. During our Android Activity, students participated in a mobile Recon/Recovery scavenger hunt using ATAK, followed up by some examples of how to create plugins for ATAK. Winners of the scavenger hunt went home with DS2 Yeti water bottles, and all students took home a DS2 wooden robot to remember the day!

We wanted to extend our sincerest thanks to those who attended. The event would not have been a huge success without you! We especially would like to thank the HSU Educational Foundation for collaborating on this experience and giving us the opportunity to work in the community. Who knew learning could be so fun? We look forward to hosting more exciting opportunities like these in the future.

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