ATAK Development Services

ATAK Development Services

Situational awareness in the palm of your hand

Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK, also known as the Android Team Awareness Kit) provides situational awareness for all users engaged in an active scenario. It is a government-off-the-shelf app for Android platforms available to all government agencies for free. ATAK improves tactical efficiencies by providing a complete situational awareness and communication coordination capability that is unmatched, limiting communication requirements for all team members to be informed of operational status. It is beneficial for large teams or multi-agency responses. ATAK can be combined with TAK Server and WinTAK for a more comprehensive response management capability. DS2 provides custom development services to develop plug-ins tailored to your business needs, installation and configuration of TAK products, and customized training based on plug-in development.

DS2 offers a variety of services to support the adoption and use of ATAK. We can provide consultation in basic installation and configuration, as well as design and develop migration strategies to create custom solutions and integrations within ATAK. ATAK provides enhanced real-time situational awareness while providing enterprise information sharing capabilities to increase collaboration and mission success.

As a plug-in developer for ATAK and TAK Server implementer, DS2 is uniquely positioned to assist you with your decisions about ATAK by providing:

  • TAK server sales, configuration, and installation
  • TAK network hardware sales, configuration, and installation
  • Custom ATAK, TAK Server and WinTAK training focused on plugin development
  • Custom ATAK plugin development
  • TAK network configuration consulting
  • End-user device consulting

Discovery Engagement

Discovery Engagement

Determining your ATAK needs

During a discovery engagement, DS2 will engage with a customer for a set period - typically two days - for a set price. We will consult with the customer and provide advice such as:

  • Onsite discovery of short, mid and long-term goals for successful deployment of ATAK & TAK Server
  • Technical deep dive into existing business area (network topology, environment, business needs, security constraints)
  • Scope planning for short and mid-term goals to deliver ATAK and TAK Server to their internal customers
ATAK in the field


ATAK Tablet
Migration Services

Migration Services

Moving forward with ATAK

As part of services engagement, we offer migration services from legacy systems. These services include consulting with the customer's technical staff about the best way to migrate the existing solution to the ATAK architecture. We can implement the migration in a phased approach to ease adoption.

In all cases, a migration plan will be created with the customer to outline goals of the migration, as well as any plans that involve customer or DS2 actions.




Implementation/Integration Services

Setting up your ATAK Base of Operations

DS2 will also collaborate with a customer's technical team to develop an integration plan for the ATAK implementation. Typically, part of the overall implementation plan, the integration plan will consider a customer's existing systems, workflows, and policies regarding:

  • Number of devices/users
  • Existing network setup
  • Security requirements
  • User authentication
  • Size of installation
  • Workflow
  • Bandwidth considerations
ATAK in use ATAK in use