ATAK Portfolio

ATAK Portfolio

DS2 ATAK Plug-Ins at Work in the Field

DS2 is equipped to effectively support clients in adoption of ATAK and expanded functionality for specific requirements. Read on to learn how DS2 engineered ATAK integrations are used by warfighters in the field.

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Rapid Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM PEO-SOF Digital Applications (PEO-SDA), conducted a series of rapid integration sprints to insert Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies into existing software that support currently fielded capabilities. Workshops brought Warfighters together with software engineers for rapid iterate code sprints via integrated teamwork. Teams interacted with the SOF community and conducted technical integration experimentation in a collaborative field environment. The teams briefed integrated AI capabilities that accelerated delivery of innovative solutions. Teams also demonstrated operational viability and performance of integrated capabilities, while undergoing SOF user validation, including technical, functionality, and vulnerability assessments.

Out of 29 submissions, USSOCOM selected 8 individuals to represent their organizations in the event, one being our software architect. The event occurred through six (6) development sprints, which included all prototype development, experimentation, and technical integration testing was conducted. DS2 developed a TAK Server plugin capable of translating Point of Interest (POI) and AI Alert information received from the Mission Command System/Common Operating Picutre (MCS/COP) Message BUs into Cursor on Target formatted messages. This allowed visualization in an TAK Client of POI or alert data generated by any software capable of sending messages via the MCS/COP Message Bus. DS2 also provided reachback regarding ATAK Plugin development with other SMEs throughout the event.

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Multi Weapon Aiming Device

Matbock's mission is to design solutions that overcome significant obstacles facing service members. They take on legitimate ideas from their existing cadre of retired warriors and listen to ideas that will better help their teammates. In keeping with their mission, DS2 was contracted to develop a plug-in within ATAK that allows operators to set platform and ammunition for correct ballistic calculations, adjust settings, and display range of weapons with ATAK.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) is developed by the U.S. Department of Defense Health Agency (DHA) Joint Trauma System to teach evidence-based, life-saving techniques and strategies for providing the best trauma care on the battlefield. A key component of TCCC is the TCCC card used to track the condition and care for the soldier. The TCCC ATAK plug-in provides this card in a digital form that can be updated and shared via any TAK device. In addition, the TCCC card also provides information on when to re-up doses of medication, when to change tourniquets, and also helps units keep track of their battle roster. The app also allows for quick pre-population of a nine line evacuation form. TCCC is currently available for ATAK 4.2 and above via private release from MATBOCK.

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Micro-Weather Sensor (MWS®) Development

In partnership with Intellisense Systems Incorporated, DS2 developed a plug-in within the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) that integrated with the Micro-Weather Sensor (MWS®), using Trellisware TW-970 radios. Intellisense develops advanced sensing and display products that support a data continuum from acquisition to visualization. Armed forces rely on Intellisense Systems' cutting-edge technologies to acquire and translate complex data into clear, useful information. All-in-one weather stations are redefining environmental sensing solutions. These self-powered units can take over 20 environmental measurements, including visibility and precipitation, in varying time increments. Additionally, they can capture and send imagery from the sensors location to provide further situational awareness on the ground. Intellisense System's MWS® is one of the leading solutions within the Air Force and specifically special operations.

Weather ATAK
Special Reconnaissance Environmental Analysis and Forecasting

Special Reconnaissance Environmental Analysis and Forecasting (SREAF) is a program meant to replicate the tasks of the Special Operations Weather Team with a more streamlined version of short-term, location specific weather forecasting. The SREAF plug-in for ATAK is designed to aid in determining what types of missions are acceptable given a combination of historical forecast data, real-time weather data from a variety of sensors, and observed weather conditions from the operator on the ground. The SREAF plug-in provides the operator the information necessary to make educated decisions about the available operations in real-world, on the ground situations. The SREAF plug-in will also capture forecast data from TAK mission packages and export data post-mission to aid in training for subsequent missions by adding to historical weather data. The SREAF plug-in is currently in development for ATAK 4.4 and above.