ATAK Services

Development, Installation, Training, and Consultation

Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK, also known as the Android Team Awareness Kit) provides situational awareness for all users engaged in an active scenario. The capability improves tactical efficiencies by limiting communication requirements for all team members to be informed of operational status. ATAK is beneficial for large teams or multi-agency responses. ATAK can be combined with TAK Server and WinTAK for a more comprehensive response management capability.

The TAK suite is flexible to each team’s needs and capabilities. TAK networks can be established using a variety of communication technologies, to including cellular devices, Wi-Fi, and radio-based communications. Each type of network configuration has different cost considerations, limitations, and dependencies that should be considered prior to a final decision.

End user devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, are available in commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and tactical-edition devices. The determination on which to purchase is directly related to system accreditation in many enterprise environments. Special consideration should be given prior to purchasing any end user devices.

ATAK Tool Suite

ATAK offers a variety of tools that each provide specific functionality to serve user needs:

  • Scale, Lock, Rotate (for UI)
  • Red X
  • Range and Bearing
  • Route Maker
  • Video Player
  • Contacts
  • Point Dropper
  • Goto
  • Overlays
  • Maps
  • Drawing Tools
  • Quick Nav
  • Quick Pic
  • Track History
  • Pointer Tools
  • Gallery
  • Elevation Tools
  • Resection
  • Casevac
  • Geo Fences
  • Radio
  • Data Package
  • Import Manager
  • Emergency Tool
ATAK, WinTAK, and TAK Server

The range of tools and flexibility of ATAK and its ecosystem can be appealing and daunting. As a plug-in developer for ATAK and TAK Server implementer, DS2 is uniquely positioned to assist you with your decisions about ATAK by providing these services:

  • TAK server sales, configuration, and installation
  • TAK network hardware sales, configuration, and installation
  • ATAK, TAK Server, and WinTAK training
  • Custom ATAK plugin development
  • TAK network configuration consulting
  • End-user device consulting

Send us an email or call us at 850-279-6176 for pricing information for any of the services listed above.


ATAK Project Spotlight

Intellisense Systems Incorporated


Intellisense Systems Incorporated develops advanced sensing and display products that support a data continuum from acquisition to visualization. Armed forces rely on Intellisense’s cutting-edge technologies to acquire and translate complex data into clear, useful information.

All-in-one weather stations are redefining environmental sensing solutions. These self-powered units can take over 20 environmental measurements, including visibility and precipitation, in varying time increments. Additionally, they can capture and send imagery from the sensors location to provide further situational awareness on the ground. Intellisense’s Micro Weather Sensor (MWS®) is one of these leading solutions within the Air Force and specifically special operations.

APE diagram
APE diagram

DS2 was contracted to support the integration of MWS® data into the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) using Trellisware TW-870 radios. Transmitting the data over a radio network to a PRC-163 radio that is cabled to the End User Device (EUD) enabled Intellisense to provide direct line-of-sight links from the MWS® to the local weather operator on the ground.

DS2 developed an ATAK plug-in for Intellisense System Incorporated that allows up to 4 MWS® to be connected to Samsung EUD’s allowing the operator to not only retrieve and calculate the various environmental conditions, but also allowing commands to be sent to the unit to change settings on-the-fly. DS2 also supported on-site testing events to troubleshoot and expand on stakeholder needs. As a result of this project, Intellisense was able to immediately provide critical environmental data to operators using the Air Force Research Laboratory’s ATAK architecture. By using this architecture and DS2’s expert knowledge developing geospatial solutions, the small innovative research project was able to produce a fully-functional solution in three short months.