Enterprise Resource Information System (ERIS)

Situational Awareness for Security and Emergency Management

The Enterprise Resource Information System (ERIS) provides a web-enabled interface for situational awareness for security and emergency management personnel. The system provides mapping, advanced geo-processing, document management, and security management capabilities in both 2D and 3D environments. ERIS allows operators to retrieve and share all pertinent information about the incident location and facilities required during an emergency operation.

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Situational Awareness and Tactical Information

Real-time Information for 1st Responders and Emergency Managers

ERIS offers a real-time information system for first responders and facility managers, providing users with situational awareness and tactical information about campuses, buildings, technical environments, and infrastructure. The solution supports the decision making process before, during, and after emergencies and serves the need of public safety organizations in their work of safeguarding human lives.

The need for an integrated solution for security and safety at airports, seaports, sports arenas, hotels, universities, and other highly-populated areas is crucial. That’s why DS2 engineers applied their expertise in geospatial information technology and combined it with Building Information Model (BIM) and sensor technologies to provide both a 2- and 3-dimensional web-enabled view of exterior surroundings and multilevel interior views of facilities. ERIS provides 2D mapping tools including:

  • Cordon
  • Routing
  • Drive Time
  • Plume Modeling


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3D Virtual View

Innovative and Ground-Breaking


Eris Screenshots


Eris Screenshots

ERIS provides an innovative approach to applying GIS technology to sensors and associated data. For example, when an alarm is triggered in a facility, an event is highlighted on a map within an event panel and within an interior 3D view of a facility. The user is provided a variety of tools allowing them to gain a better understanding of the physical location and associated media and documentation related to the facility. Users are able to review latest sensory readings from video cameras embedded in the 3D view and other devices, emergency evacuation plans, videos/photographs, floor plans, and other related documentation in one setting. Additionally, they can plan evacuation routes, areas to cordon off, and staff locations. This information can integrate directly to mass notification systems to relay specific geospatial coordinates and information in a timely manner.

  • Full 3D navigation and fly-through capabilities with mouse, keyboard, or Space Navigator control
  • Sensor placement and monitoring within the 3D environment
  • Camera Field of View (FOV) projected within the 3D model
  • Real-time video feeds displayed within the 3D model


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Mobile Devices

Critical Information Available at Your Fingertips

ERIS mobile provides situational awareness for emergency first responders in the field with real-time access to building floorplans, images and security video, alert and sensor notifications, and asset tracking capabilities. All of this information is available from handheld mobile devices and at the fingertips of first responders.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
Eris on Mobile