Geospatial Expeditionary Planning Tool

Supporting DoD Engineers with Expeditionary Planning Tools (GeoExPT)

GeoExPT (Geospatial Expeditionary Planning Tool) is a decision support tool for planners providing the ability to build contingency beddown plans, aircraft parking plans, manage airfield damage, and select Minimum Airfield Operating Surfaces (MAOS) in accordance with USAF standards. GeoExPT includes templates, advanced placement and layout tools, constraints analysis, predefined units, sets, components, aircraft, and reports.

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Introducing the new GeoExPT for AutoCAD Map 3D!

More than just another version, it's an entirely new GeoExPT!

The New GeoExPT for AutoCAD features a fresh interface to improve automated support for contingency beddown planning and sustainment operations. Built to support the mission objectives of contingency planning and sustainment operations with Aircraft Parking, Beddown Planning, and Airfield Damage Repair, the solution has been integrated as a plugin within Autodesk’s AutoCAD Map 3D software. The enhanced user experience provides the engineer with automated planning processes to provide operators with an interactive tool for rapid development of base layout plans and airfield damage repair (ADR).

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