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Mission Planning Services

Tools for Military Planning and Civil Engineering Communities

DoD mission planners across all services provide warfighters with the world's best mission planning systems for ground, maritime, and air operational domains. DS2 is a key solution provider for the development, enhancement, and support of Civil Engineering Mission Planning tools, Weapons Planning Software (WPS) suite, and the Mission Planning Environment (MPE) for F-15, for both USAF and foreign military coalition members.

Mission planning (MP) is an essential task across multiple disciplines for the Air Force. The Air Force uses mission planning to provide support to flight and weapons delivery operations. These plans are highly detailed and encompass relevant data from a number of areas in the Air Force, from intelligence on targets, terrain, and weather, to operations information on aircraft configuration and performance capabilities. For civil engineering, mission planning involves the analysis and development of contingency plans as it relates to beddown and aircraft planning at foreign operating bases. Mission planning is also critical for logistics, providing insight for necessary cargo and weapons, fuel requirement calculations, and route assessment based on location and type of enemy threats that may be encountered. Plans are reviewed and briefed by mission planners to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency prior to downloading the mission to on-board aircraft avionics.

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Weapons Planning Software (WPS)


Awarded in 2019, Tapestry Solutions Inc., a Boeing Company, located in St. Louis, Missouri was awarded a 10-year not-to-exceed $259M indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for Weapons Planning Software (WPS). As their primary subcontractor, we provide local professional software development services to the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida in the continued development of WPS. The WPS suite of software is a common component within the Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS) architecture supporting the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and foreign military organizations. The suite of software is designed to support JMPS requirements involving precision guided munitions planning.

Our development gives warfighters the critical data they need to execute missions, including route planning, threat management, and situational awareness. DS2 draws from our years of experience in mission planning and knowledge of aircraft and weapons, coupled with our support of JMPS and Air Force Civil Engineering planning. These qualifications allow us to develop the next generation of mission planning technology.​

Our scope includes:

  • Weapons Planning Software Requirements, Design, and Development

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Development

  • Resolving Legacy Defects

  • Formal Qualification Testing and Fielding

  • Engineering Support

  • Foreign Military Software Development within JMPS

USAF mission planning software user interface
USAF mission planning software user interface
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Mission Planning Environment (MPE)


As a subcontractor to Tapestry-Boeing, DS2 supports the development of the F-15 mission planning software under the Mission Planning Enterprise Contract (MPEC). The mission planning software provides improved capability to Air Force mission planners, resulting in increased capability for the warfighter. We provide integrated development support with associated contractor software into the F-15’s mission planning environment. DS2 has been providing this critical support since 2018.

USAF mission planning software user interface
Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer Contingency Response Planning


Contingencies and crises arrive with many names, not all of which relates to war. Civil engineers within the U.S. Air Force must prepare for these contingencies. Planning for these contingencies includes theater-based strategy, site selection, and master planning as it applies to scalability, sustainability, standardization, and survivability. DS2 has proudly served and sustained the development of this software dating back to 1997.

DS2 is presently in advanced development of the USAF Geospatial Expeditionary Planning Tool (GeoExPT) providing additional integration of a common geospatial data baseline for DoD’s Joint Construction Management System, re-engineering the Air Force’s airfield pavement evaluation process, designing and developing software to assist in the recovery of an installation after an attack from non-friendly adversaries, integrating advanced robotics into the Air Force airfield damage assessment and rapid runway repair processes, and implementing the DoD Architectural Framework for evolving mission systems.​

DS2 current and past Civil Engineering Mission Planning projects have included:

  • Geospatial Expeditionary Planning Tool (GeoExPT) with Joint Construction Management System (JCMS)

  • Airfield Pavement Evaluation (APE)

  • Airfield Damage Repair (ADR) Analysis

  • Installation Recovery After Attack (IRAA)

  • Rapid Airfield Damage Assessment System (RADAS)

  • Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources (BEAR) Order of Battle (BOB) Planning Factors

USAF mission planning software user interface

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