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Virtual Sand Table

Modernized and Streamlined Airfield Damage Repair Training

Powerful, adaptive, modern and user-friendly, DS2's Virtual Sand Table brings Airfield Damage Repair training to another level. Integrated with the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC)’s Command and Control (C2) Airfield Damage Repair Simulator (ADR Sim), VST configures and manages exercise scenarios utilizing the latest gaming engine technology.

Historically, ADR training was conducted using 3-D printed models, printed maps, and spreadsheets. With the development of the Command and Control (C2) ADR simulator, the idea of using VR and gaming technology in creation of a digital table was born.

With an expertly designed virtual interface, VST empowers instructors and students with control through each step of the ADR training process. From start to finish, VST simplifies scenario configuration, management, location awareness, labor and material forecasting, injects, and mitigation strategies.


Implemented with straightforward user controls and realistic environment conditions, instructors are empowered to design and control exercises, manage injects, and test student knowledge.


VST ditches outdated training and limited insights, replacing them with interactive 3D visualizations. Students engage directly, experiencing consequences and gaining deeper understanding.


No two installations are the same. VST is a platform constructed and customized to scale—not the other way around. DS2 configures VST to model your installation with the ability to scale up to 6 tables.

Decision Management

VST has built-in, virtual repair processes modeled from their real-world processes, allowing teams to rapidly witness the outcomes of their decisions and other factors across the entire training process.

Risk Mitigation

Training with VST allows all factors to be considered before a decision is made and in turn, allows investigation of critical decisions that help to avoid loss of life and equipment in real-life scenarios.


Instructors can customize scenarios, equipment, labor rates, teams, and viewports (i.e., table views) across the installation to develop an unlimited amount of real-life scenarios for training.

Image by Austin Distel

Build a Customized VST Kit Fit for Your Installation.
Contact Us for Pricing.

Customized Virtual Sand Table VST Kit
Customized Virtual Sand Table VST Kit

Virtual Sand
Table Kit

The Virtual Sand Table Kit includes:


  • (3) 65 inch 4K UHD Smart Televisions

  • (3) Touchscreen Overlays (Future Development)

  • (1) Alienware Desktop

  • (1) Instructor Podium

  • (1) 3D Printed RADR Kit Models

  • (1) C2 ADR Simulator Software

  • Cables and Connections for Equipment

  • On-Site Delivery & Training

  • Custom Solutions Available

Turn Your Vision into Reality.

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