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Report Phishing

Notice: Fraudulent use of DS2’s name and logo in phishing e‑mails

We have been made aware of phishing e‑mails posing as members of the DS2 hiring team, going as far as using our logo and photos and names of staff taken from our website. If you receive any e‑mail communication from us, please check the sender’s e‑mail address. Official DS2 communication will only come from “” addresses, or “no‑reply@⁠ds2.breezy‑mail.⁠com” if it regards an employment application.

You can be absolutely certain that:

  • DS2 will never ask you for payment as a condition of employment.

  • DS2 will never ask you to provide copies of identification prior to onboarding.

  • DS2 will never promise employment without an application and an interview.

If you are unsure if an e‑mail that appears to be from DS2 is legitimate, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by sending us a message.

If you receive an e‑mail you know is fraudulent, please:

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