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Software Engineering Services

Exceeding Expectations

There are many stages to the software development process and there are many different approaches, or methodologies, as to how these stages are actually implemented. DS2 is committed to engineering solutions based on sound industry standards giving the customer innovative software based on world class technologies.

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DS2 software development process utilizes the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that establishes data standards, requirements, and an effective system architecture integral to the software development process. The SDLC provides the interdependent processes required to successfully implement any software development effort, from the requirements analysis phase through to deployment and maintenance. Each process can be re-arranged and iterated depending upon the requirements and needs of our customers.

DS2 Software Engineering Services

We use an agile methodology called Scrum. This methodology provides the most flexibility and the greatest reduction in risk, but requires a high level of interaction with our customers, stakeholders, and end-users. This interaction is facilitated by DS2’s ‘Release Early, Release Often’ philosophy, incrementally providing a working solution to our customer right from the start. This enables early solicitation of feedback to ensure the project is on track and that it will meet the needs of the intended user. This is in sharp contrast to other more rigid models, which only deliver a solution at the end of the entire process. Such models have considerable inherent risk due to the fact that the stakeholders are not as involved in the development of the solution; and between the initial concepts and actual delivery of the product, the priorities and requirements of the customer can change. By releasing early and often, customers and stakeholders can see and touch the solution to provide critical feedback and course corrections can be implemented as needed. This provides a high-level of transparency and increases involvement and acceptance of the software even before it is completed.

DS2 software engineers and managers are highly qualified and have certifications with Microsoft, ESRI, and the Project Management Institute (PMI) including:
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)

  • MS Specialist (MS)

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

  • Security+

  • A+

  • Network+

  • Server+

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

  • Professional Scrum Developer I (PSD)

  • Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) I

  • Professional Scrum Product Owner II

  • Professional Scrum Master (PSM) I

  • Professional Scrum Master II

  • Professional Scrum Master III

Senior Digital Programmer

Desktop Solutions


DS2 has experienced engineers and analysts who can work for you starting from the initial requirement analysis process all the way through to the application development and maintenance stages. Our focal point is not only application development but also its collaboration, deployment, management, migration and customization. We utilize the latest technologies and industry-standard best practices to develop the exceptional solutions to meet your needs. We strive to develop solutions that solve your problems, while remaining simple and elegant.

DS2 can build custom applications designed for the desktop environment that utilize the latest technologies. Whether you are developing for .NET or a mixed platform, DS2 has the necessary tools and resources to deliver a quality software product.

  • Microsoft .NET provides the ability to design applications such as a consistent programming model, scalability, security, and maintainability.

  • Click-once deployment, Microsoft's .NET installation technology, automatically installs and configures client-side applications.

  • SQL Sever Express, a powerful yet user-friendly database, provides many of the benefits of SQL Server, Oracle, and other popular database programs including scalability, stability, reliability, and it's free.

  • SQLite, a simple light-weight embedded database system is fast, compact, and works right out of the box without any configuration, and it's free.

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Web Solutions


DS2 can design and build rich Internet websites and applications that will showcase your company and the services you provide. DS2 can leverage the advantages of the web to provide Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using technologies such as Java and HTML5.

  • Javascript can deliver powerful interactive web applications that are cross-platform compatible.

  • HTML5 provides cutting-edge features for developing websites with the speed, performance, and functionality of desktop applications.

  • Java provides the mantra of "write once, run anywhere" and benefits from being platform independent. jQuery and Dojo provide cross-browser JavaScript libraries compiled for the ease of client-side scripting of html.

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Meeting Room Business

Enterprise Solutions


DS2 can provide business-oriented, end-to-end solutions to improve your enterprise's productivity, efficiency, and costs. Enterprise software is usually comprised of common business applications that model how the organization works and is designed for performance, scalability, and robustness.

At DS2, we incorporate various enterprise technologies to accomplish the task and deliver the best solution for your company’s needs using the following:

  • Frameworks such as Microsoft .NET

  • Database systems such as SQL Server and Oracle

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for maximizing the benefits of Cloud computing such as web services and data storage

  • Active Directory integration for enhanced security and single sign-on authentication

Mobile Phone

Mobile Apps


Today, mobile apps are popular with business owners and their customers. Mobile apps can provide a way for your business to connect and generate repeat business, build relationships and increase accessibility to your customers. DS2 can help design and build your next mobile app that will give you an extra advantage in the marketplace with your customers.

Some of the benefits of Mobile apps include:

  • Brand visibility in the App store

  • Always visible on the phone’s home screen

  • Push notifications to your customers

  • Connect with customers on the go

  • Provide directions to your location

  • Mobile sales and access to inventory

  • Mobile apps can function offline

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Research, Development, Test, & Evaluation (RDT&E)


DS2 is involved in RDT&E activities providing a comprehensive set of leading edge tools allowing a centralized and near real-time visualization of the airfield for commanders and engineers alike. We apply the latest technologies to produce innovative solutions and techniques that can be applied for situational awareness tools in identifying, assessing, tasking, and overall management of airfield recovery activities including Rapid Damage Assessment (RDA), Rapid Explosive Hazard Mitigation (REHM), and Rapid Damage Repair (RDR).

DS2 provides support for research and development efforts including:

  • ADR Analysis and Airfield Recovery Activities

  • ADR Command and Control (C2 for Robotic Systems)

  • Virtual Reality Training Simulations

  • EOD Assessment and Mitigation

Discover the Power of Custom Software

Custom software solutions can harness the full power of your organization’s capabilities.

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