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ATAK Case Studies

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SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM PEO-SOF Digital Applications (PEO-SDA), conducted a series of rapid integration sprints to insert Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies into existing software that support currently fielded capabilities. Workshops brought Warfighters together with software engineers for rapid iterate code sprints via integrated teamwork. Teams interacted with the SOF community and conducted technical integration experimentation in a collaborative field environment. The teams briefed integrated AI capabilities that accelerated delivery of innovative solutions. Teams also demonstrated operational viability and performance of integrated capabilities, while undergoing SOF user validation, including technical, functionality, and vulnerability assessments.

Out of 29 submissions, USSOCOM selected 8 individuals to represent their organizations in the event, one being our software architect. The event occurred through six (6) development sprints, which included all prototype development, experimentation, and technical integration testing was conducted. DS2 developed a TAK Server plugin capable of translating Point of Interest (POI) and AI Alert information received from the Mission Command System/Common Operating Picutre (MCS/COP) Message BUs into Cursor on Target formatted messages. This allowed visualization in an TAK Client of POI or alert data generated by any software capable of sending messages via the MCS/COP Message Bus. DS2 also provided reachback regarding ATAK Plugin development with other SMEs throughout the event.

WinTAK and ATAK with CTI TAK Server

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