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ATAK Case Studies

Hurricane Map

Special Reconnaissance Environmental Analysis and Forecasting

Special Reconnaissance Environmental Analysis and Forecasting (SREAF) is a program meant to replicate the tasks of the Special Operations Weather Team with a more streamlined version of short-term, location specific weather forecasting. The SREAF plug-in for ATAK is designed to aid in determining what types of missions are acceptable given a combination of historical forecast data, real-time weather data from a variety of sensors, and observed weather conditions from the operator on the ground. The SREAF plug-in provides the operator the information necessary to make educated decisions about the available operations in real-world, on the ground situations. The SREAF plug-in will also capture forecast data from TAK mission packages and export data post-mission to aid in training for subsequent missions by adding to historical weather data. The SREAF plug-in is currently in development for ATAK 4.4 and above.

SREAF user interface

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