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  • Alicia Pruitt

DS2 Awarded Rapid Airfield Damage Repair Upgrade And Hardware Integration Contract

Air Force Civil Engineering Center Contract Awarded to DS2
DS2 Software Engineering Contract USAF

Rapid Airfield Damage Repair (ADR) software provides the US Air Force with critical analysis of combat damage to airfields/runways during wartime. DS2 has developed ADR solutions for the last 11 years and is proud to be given a new 6-month contract award to provide software and hardware testing and integration to the fleet of RADAS equipment worldwide.  

The goal of the upgrade is to ensure that the RADAS capability remains relevant to meet evolving operational and technical requirements. 


DS2 will be responsible for integrating both hardware and software components and executing flight and simulator tests for each RADAS kit delivered. This effort involves ensuring that all the different parts of the system work seamlessly together, from the underlying hardware to the software applications that run on it. 


DS2 appreciates the trust our Air Force customer has placed in our team to execute this high-impact, short-timeline upgrade to the RADAS capability. 


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