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DS2 Awarded SBIR Phase 3

Updated: Jan 12

DS2 secures 5-year SBIR 3 deal to advance USAF rapid airfield repair! Building on 11 years of expertise, we'll refine tools for Civil Engineers & EOD to quickly assess, plan, & restore vital runways, even in contested environments. Live virtual training & enhanced data sharing are game-changers for operational resilience.
DS2 Secures 5-Year SBIR 3 for Rapid Airfield Repair Tech

The Rapid Airfield Damage Repair (RADR) software packages provide the US Air Force with critical analysis of combat damage to airfields/runways during wartime. DS2 has developed RADR solutions for the last 11 years and is proud to be awarded a new 5-year SBIR 3 contract to continue optimizing the capabilities needed by our airmen. This work will build upon current prototypes which enable Civil Engineers and Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) personnel to assess damage, create repair plans, and implement the optimal solutions required to regenerate airfields and restore airfield operations. This project will enhance the sharing, collaboration, and dissemination of data using frameworks, architectures, and continued development of a custom Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) solution in near real-time. 

Rapid Airfield Damage Repair is a critical element of SECAF’s Operational Imperative #5: Defining optimized resilient basing, sustainment, and communications in a contested environment. DS2 is honored to be entrusted with moving this key capability forward in the coming years. 


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